Work better in order to live better

19 October 2021

Isn’t this bold statement true? We believe so. Work has brought us not only the enormous amounts of energy, but it also made us realise that without it most of our life goals wouldn’t be possible. Also, working is kind of an art one has to master to benefit from it and not get drained.

Without any doubt working goes hand in hand with living, for most of us at least. Each and every one of our moves is taken in the name of upping the level of living. Period. What-ever we do, we do it for the best quality of life. And as it is stated in the title, we firmly believe that working is inseparable from the actual living. Hence we are really proud to finally be able to share with you an object that holds all of our to date work.

The Acustio General Catalogue is the ultimate and very fine, if we do say so ourselves, cluster of every product we’ve managed to design so far. What was the motivation behind putting it together, you may ask? Well, in the era of the finest technology and social me-dia we still are supporters of traditional solutions. Just to clarify, we use the highest tech-nology in order to provide you with the best products on planet Earth, however keeping that raw and real particle in ourselves is really important to us. Ask yourself this: isn’t it the best feeling, when you can just make yourself a cup of tea and sit with your favourite magazine or a book, but in a paper form? Of course, you can be on the more so called high-tech side. Whatever you choose to prefer, options are what makes the matter simple. Whether you want to check out our General Catalogue in a paper or digital version, you are presented with either options (just let us know and we will send you your very own copy of the paper one).

What can you find in the Catalogue? Everything you may need concerning our brand is the answer. The visions, our team, what makes us unique, what kind of products we offer for the time being and the already well-know, as it may seem, photographs whose author is credited at the very bottom part of the article.

Technical details of the Catalogue:

Cover: Swiss binding
Format: A4
Pages: 152
Paper: Les Naturals Galet 325 g/m2 (zing)
Les Naturals – cards manufactured for pro-environmental purposes. Natural colouring and raw finishing of the recycled fibres the paper was made of make it the perfect canvas to project the brand’s sustainable philosophy.

These are the deets for all the geeks out there who love to know the most in-depth info. When it comes to our motives hidden behind this work of art, as we like to call the Cata-logue, is simple - we love taking care of nature. Each and every step we take on a daily basis is coherent with our eco-friendly approach. Not only do we involve it into our pro-ducts, but also in every material that is marked with Acustio logo. The same goes for the Catalogue. We’ve put some major amount of work into the final effect, because we are creatures of habit and one of our signature habits is providing you only with what’s best. None of the chosen particles is random.

We’ve put significant attention to every little de-tail to give everyone holding the Catalogue the remarkable experience. We hope that we really succeeded with this. People are what makes working and living either easier or harder. We’ve been blessed with being able to surround ourselves with the most inspiring, talented and positive-minded souls. Many thanks to all engaged into making this beautiful book of our work possible. We really think it is a milestone in a way, that pushes us to do better, work bet-ter, but most of all - live better.

Check out all the credits down below:

- The project of the Catalogue & Graphic Designer: Ola Niepsuj & Olek Modzelewski
- The Catalogue photography: Migdal Studio
- Set design: Aleksandra Hyz & Aleksandra Metlewicz
- Inside photos Photographer: Tomo Yarmush
- Creative & Art Director: Aleksandra Metlewicz