We are Acustio

We design and manufacture sound-absorbing furniture solutions that work in silence to boost a productive peace and quiet. They help set the office and the home office, free from unwanted distractions, such as conversations, phones noisy printers and noisy children.

Meticulous craftsmanship and consciously selected materials matter as much – combined with good design, they can make a product impressively long lived. We are rooted in the zero-waste approach, and our 10 product lines are complementary to one another, their elements interchangeable and reusable. This is our idea of sustainable design.
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Together we design, create and upgrade the way people live and work. We are the people.
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We are the team

Mateusz Gaczkowski

CEO & Product Designer

Katarzyna Nowak

Head of Sales

Katarzyna Gaczkowska

Back Office

Aleksandra Hyz

Set Designer

Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Brand’s Art Director

Nikodem Szpunar

Product Designer

Aleksandra Grądziel


Iwona Pasik

Product Designer

Michał Grzejszczyk

Production Manager


As a Brand Fan, Business Partner or Acustio Team member