We are Acustio

Every interior deserves some extra enhancement. We believe it should care for you, make you feel calm, safe and clear-minded. Sounds and aesthetic surrounding us impact the way we think and feel. To be thoughtful of that is a great strength we are dedicated to support with our products.
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The most vital effect of our work is people’s well-being. Spreading it worldwide has brought us acknowledgement we are beyond grateful for
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We are the team

Mateusz Gaczkowski

CEO & Product Designer

Katarzyna Nowak

Head of Sales

Katarzyna Gaczkowska

Back Office

Aleksandra Hyz

Set Designer

Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Brand’s Art Director

Nikodem Szpunar

Product Designer

Aleksandra Grądziel


Iwona Pasik

Product Designer


As a Brand Fan, Business Partner or Acustio Team member