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Colline x Terrano

Multifunctional acoustic lamp portraying a unique design inspired by nature and modern art.
Two in one. The most utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing object which enriches any kind of space.

About our designers

With human-centered design and workplace innovation in mind,
our products help boost well-being and develop effective Flex Office solutions.

Mateusz Gaczkowski

CEO & Product Designer

Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Brand’s Art Director

Lena Lighting

Key Characteristics

Works best in: conference room, lounge room, waiting room, hall, open space
  1. The modular structure of Colline x Terrano provides wide spectrum of choices while arranging. Choosing from numerous different colours and type of felt or even a RAL finish of metal elements is a part of the personalisation process;
  2. In addition to a spectacular arrangement effect, the panel provides sensory-friendly lighting without the glare effect (UGR is within the range of 12-19), while still keeping the high quality of sound insulation;
  3. The felt is three-layered, which makes the panel extra durable, soundproofing and soft at the same time. Additionally, it can be covered with a layer of silver particles in accordance with our NanoFelt Ag technology, minimising the impact of germs on the space;
  4. The light is based on energy-saving (50%) LED modules that emit light in two colors 4000K or 3000K (on request). It is also available with DALI control, enabling the light to be set according to the outside conditions;
  5. The light can be controlled via a phone or a specially designed control panel which makes the process beyond convenient;
  6. Colline x Terrano has already been awarded by the Red Dot: Product Design 2023 Award.


A set of a few panels will work in offices and houses, creating a friendly environment for work, sleep and entertainment, providing impeccable acoustics and the lighting quality.
Different lengths, colours and patterns of the panels can evoke different experiences.

Our colours

Vibrant, pastel and neutral. 80 different hues to make your panels more yours.
Felt Category A
Product specification

Technical data
Composition 100% PP
Mass per unit area 580 ±10% g/m2
Thickness 3.8 ±10% mm

Felt Category C
Product specification

Technical data
Composition 100% Polyester
Mass per unit area 500 ±10% g/m2
Thickness 3.8 ±10% mm
Flammability EN 13501-1+A1 B-s1, d0,ASTM E-84-18 Class A

Felt Category D
Product specification

Technical data
Composition 100% Wool
Mass per unit area 280 ±10% g/m2
Thickness 3 ±10% mm
Flammability EN 13501-1 B fl – s1 (B1)

Metal Colline x Terrano
* In the case of felt as the leading material, there may be differences
in the thickness of the panels and gaps up to 3 mm long.


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