Rebranding Acustio

Every big project needs its heroes

As the title states: every big project needs its heroes and we present you ours:

Tomo Yarmush – photographer, Aleksandra Mętlewicz – Brand Art Director of Acustio and Aleksandra Hyz – Product Designer.

It may sound like a cliché, but the results that we got wouldn’t be as extraordinary if it wasn’t for those three extremely talented people. Ola and Ola (cool coincidence, right?) planned the photoshoot from the very beginning. They were responsible for the main idea and they also coordinated all the work on the set.

The photoshoot itself has been our biggest venture so far. We perceive this shoot as the turning point of our entire communication and the start of Acustio’s rebranding process. Working on a set was very structured, however none of us was really pre-pared to work in such a fast pace.

Tomo’s words describe it perfectly - Normally I would take a break after working on a set for one or two days. Having my past experiences in head, I was often asking myself back then “how the heck am I going to do this for a couple of weeks?”. To this day I am in true awe that I actually made it. Odd thing happened though - I really didn’t need any breather.
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All the sets were shot in the studio with no daylight. We were supposed to mimic the feeling of a natural scenery using quite uncommon surroundings of monocolour.

Every person working on the set was fully aware of what we wanted to achieve. We were super lucky when it comes to the team. We surely found our dream one. People really are key when you want to succeed big time.

Sometimes it may feel like creativity comes like a tide, pays you a quick visit and then leaves, that it doesn’t need scheduling. However, if we want the final effect to be satisfying and coherent with the previously set goal, we need to take the right direction and do not look sideways.

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Ola Mętlewicz about preparations: All activities before the photoshoot were thoroughly preparing us to the day of the actual shoot. It was our doomsday really. Lots of meetings, brainstorming and plan-ning beforehand. Pre-visualizations, mood boards concerning light and the vibe were precisely refined, so that each and every person knew what they should be doing and when.

“Personally, I love this mindset. When the time of creation and execution comes, I feel deep calmness and comfort. I know exactly what tools I should use, who I should take as my partner in crime and where the magic should take place. This was the case with this job as well.” - Tomo says.

Acustio takes pride in the unconventional thinking. That’s for sure. Hence the col-ours. The colour scheming of our scenography comes from hues of felt available in our offer. This was our base and starting point. Wide range of colours was our biggest motivation to create something extraordi-nary. Initially we wanted to make the colours a bold statement.

Aleksandra Hyz says. There would be nothing special in presenting colourful product on a neutral back-drop. Much harder task was to distinguish each set of products without making the product disappear on the same coloured background. We think that we did a good job.
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The colour scheme we chose ranges from pastels to more classic tones. Every one of them provides a totally different vibe. We strive to broaden the vision of every-one who gets to know Acustio.

We aspire to provide the product not only for coworking spaces, but also offices for CEOs all over the world. Our products are destined for people who are differentiated by interests, work ethic and age, but are connected by one desire - working in a perfectly calm and stimulating place.

We are talking both office and home space. You decide.

We are humbly proud of what we’ve already achieved and beyond excited for what is yet to come. Tomo’s words are the best summary of our state of mind:

“Every day I felt disappointed that this was over for that day, just like a kid who wants to stay in the playground, but the sun is already setting and mom is urging them to go home. This is the best representation of the emotions I felt. The good thing is that we have the enormous amount of visuals from this photoshoot and I’m forever grateful that Acustio decided to engage me in this project. I really hope I won’t be the only one enjoying the work we did.”

If only one statement was to be sure, it would be that we really love what we do. We hope you will too.