Handy Bag

Your handy, portable organiser

Handy Bag

is perfect for carrying your office tools. From your meeting to meeting. It works beautifully.
Go places with your Acustio organiser. Take your tablet or laptop, A4 journal or notebook, your pens and pencils everywhere!
Store things easily and move around in smart manners with Acustio’s handy and portable organiser. Match its colours to the office’sor to the visual identity of the brand, and choose a finishing – wood or perspex. The possibilities for personalisation don’t just end here. Now, apply the final touch by engraving your logo.

Sizes available:
H: 30,5 cm x L: 13 cm W: 40,5 cm
Colour section from A and C category of felt.

About our designer

With human-centered design and workplace innovation in mind,
our products help boost well-being, and develop effective Flex Office solutions.

Nikodem Szpunar

Product Designer

Our Colors

Vibrant, pastel and neutral. 40 different hues to make your panels more yours.
Felt Category A
Product specification

Technical data
Composition 100% PP
Mass per unit area 580 ±10% g/m2
Thickness 3.8 ±10% mm

Felt Category C
Product specification

Technical data
Composition 100% Polyester
Mass per unit area 500 ±10% g/m2
Thickness 3.8 ±10% mm
Flammability EN 13501-1+A1 B-s1, d0,ASTM E-84-18 Class A

* In the case of felt as the leading material, there may be differences
in the thickness of the panels and gaps up to 3 mm long.


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