Red Dot Gala 2023

19 June 2023

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most eminent competitions in the world of design. This year's edition brought us another recognition - Colline x Terrano, acoustic lamp we collaboratively designed with Lena Lighting put the Jury in awe.

According to the Jury’s official statement on our new product development, “Colline x Terrano boasts an extremely distinctive look with a visual presence that underlines the object’s high utility value. The acoustic luminaire was designed to create relaxation and work areas that provide both eye-friendly lighting and sound absorption. A variety of customisation options are available: from the choice of panel colours to various shapes and sizes and the controls for light colour and brightness. In addition, the lighting parameters of individual lamps or whole luminaire assemblies can be programmed using a smartphone or control panel.”

We are proud our goal of conveying the above differentiators has been achieved and recognized by the best. Hence celebrating it seemed only right in that milieu.
Last week, on June 19th, the official Gala and presentation of the awards took place in Essen, Germany. Manufacturers from all over the world celebrated their triumph in the competition in the most outstanding premises of the historical Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen.

The Red Dot Design Museum has showcased products appreciated by the Jury in the last portion of the event – including our Colline x Terrano acoustic lamp. All the guests of the Gala had a great opportunity to visit the facility together, learn about innovative technological solutions, mingle and network.

Doubtlessly we are grateful for the up to date achievements and even more driven to collect the next ones in the upcoming future.