Location: Warsaw / Project Desing: MM Atelier/ Acustio product: Jasper / Photographer:  Fotomohito / Year: 2021

Making the everyday life that much more convenient and intuitive. A goal not only we seem to live by. MicroStrategy, being a brand of a global extent, carries some major responsibility. The demise of shabbiness is now vividly noticeable in the area of conducting businesses. More and more companies come to understand the importance of being sustainable, effective and empathic towards both their employees and the environment. It’s a long run, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Speaking of beginnings - quite the vital stage of every enterprise for sure. A well formulated strategy is key and, if structured thoroughly and cohesively, it really goes a long way. That’s when MicroStrategy comes into play. The abundance of tools offered by this pioneer in the BI and analytics industry, which unapologetically transforms organizations into intelligent enterprises through data-driven innovation, knows no limits.

Again, working with such giants has forever been and will be momentous for us, as well as honouring our up to date work.

The new MicroStrategy’s office is located in the Skyliner - one of the Warsaw’s most spectacular office buildings. “Proven office solutions, kept within an modern aesthetic and contemporary design. An amalgamation of concrete and bricks inspirations with a lot of greenery. Sidewalls for bench desks which can be folded down to obtain more open workspace arrangement or expanded to provide more privacy. In the new office we also placed Balance desks with electric height adjustment, Herman Miller work and conference chairs, desk panels, free-standing and ceiling Acustio panels, as well as a whole range of soft seating office furniture.” as Mikomax, responsible for fitting the furniture to the space, describes the project. The entire vision and the design were formed by MM Atelier.

For our humble selves, Jasper plays the main role here. Both desk and free-standing panels found their place in the open area of the office. Separating each desk and making them toned down sound-wise provides more efficiency and pleasure to a working time. Colours were kept on a more neutral side with a pop of red - timelessness had been one of the top factors of the project’s brief.

We are happy with the way it all turned out. Another sustainable and effectiveness improving office goes in the books.

Interior Photos

Take a look at the way our product looks in the real life interior. We’ve had the honour of working with the most inspirational brands from different fields. Seeing how our product finds its place there is never a dull moment

Location: Warsaw / Project Desing: MM Atelier/ Acustio product: Jasper / Photographer:  Fotomohito / Year: 2021