Making our name sound louder and wider. Ironically.

2 September 2021

As someone filled with a great amount of wisdom once said: “not only does design bring comfort, but it makes life just fine as well.” Ok, we just came up with this statement, but isn’t it true?

Have you ever thought about what makes good design good? Is it high quality of making, is it the level of pragmatics, is it aesthetics or maybe all of the above? It’s always hard to decide and we’re glad we don’t have to - the jury of Dezeen Awards does though.

We are beyond proud to be longlisted by the Dezeen Awards jury in the “workplace de-sign” category.

“Dezeen identifies the world's best architecture, interiors and design, as well as the studios and the individual architects and designers producing the most outstanding work. Organised by Dezeen, the world's most popular and influential architecture and design website, Dezeen Awards is the benchmark for international design excellence and the ultimate accolade for architects and designers everywhere.” - as we read on the official Dezeen’s website.

Shortlists will be revealed from 6 to 10 September, which will be followed by the Dezeen Awards 2021 public vote. Winners will be announced in November.

There’s nothing else for us to do now than keep our fingers crossed for getting shortlist-ed. Whatever happens happens. For what it’s worth, we keep doing our thing and believe it’s gonna be good - good as our design.