Meet Colline – the acoustic and aesthetic enhancement of every space. Naturally.

22 March 2022

The value of calmness and aesthetics could never be overrated. Especially during the ongoing times. People from various environments tend to strive, even unconsciously, for anything soothing their emotions and keeping them on the most balanced level possible. What can seem as beyond accurate instances of something providing this type of state of mind are nature and art. Both bringing peace, which decisively cannot be priced enough. 

The designers who came up with the entire concept of Colline, Aleksandra Metlewicz and Mateusz Gaczkowski, put their main focus on creating a solution, that would visibly enhance people’s life, no matter where they are. “Colline comes to play, literally and figuratively, as a highly effective way for keeping anyone influenced by its presence relaxed, mindful and undisturbed. Colline panels appear to have no limits doing that.” As stated by Aleksandra, who was responsible for the visual part of the designing process.

 Intertwining those two, meaning high-quality design with impeccable acoustic properties, bore fruit in the shape of Colline, which, interestingly enough, can be shaped as wished. Speaking of technicalities, we successfully managed to form a new quality of sound absorbing solutions, if we do say so ourselves.

Citing Mateusz: “Practicing the innovative approach to building people-friendly environments has always been our most important priority and there’s no question about that. We simply don’t take shortcuts, thus we are able to provide a product that is safe, ecological, looks incredible and serves its main purpose, which is bringing peace and calmness to the surroundings by using natural or artificial felt (never PET material), three-layer edge or NanoFelt technology, an extra layer of silver microparticles for microbiological protection, which is also something we are beyond excited to introduce to the market.” All the technicalities to be found in the product tab.

As our latest product family, Colline transforms every kind of space in a way you desire. We’re talking private office, home office, hotel hall, conference room and many other. Colline is there, wherever you need some artistic touch as well as an extraordinary acoustic experience. Ways of personalisations are myriad. Cut, accessorise, add some colours and fit in precisely to the layout of any wall. Anything to align seamlessly with your visions.   

Inspiration with nature and art brought Colline to life – hopefully to your life too.