What iF Colline could win another award? Oh, wait…

14 April 2022

Nothing we’ve already said after being appreciated by other Juries, would mirror what we feel right now being awarded by iF Design on top of that all.

Creating Colline was a big step up for each and every one of us. We knew the family was going to be big and that it would change worlds of many, but expecting to be appreciated to that extent would be too much to even imagine.

The most honourable, high-profile design experts from over 20 countries stunned by the level of innovation and value represented by Colline. Still hard to wrap our heads around that.

As we read on the official iF website: “They [the winners] have all taken on one of the biggest challenges in the global design world. They have all con-vinced a great number of international design experts. And finally, they have all won in one of the most recognised design competitions world-wide.”

Nothing more to add, maybe except thank you. To our team, the design-ers, Aleksandra Mętlewicz, Mateusz Gaczkowski, iF Jury and all involved.

Link: https://ifdesign.com/en/winner-ranking/project/colline/350811