iF Design Award Night 2022

23 May 2022

Slowing down, looking around and just enjoying the moment. That’s what flavours life and creates unforgettable memories. So simple, yet so rare.

Cherishing accomplishments allows to have this wider outlook on everyday work. It gives sort of a meaning to what we do. 
Winning the iF Design Award itself was a remarkable milestone for us, undeniably. But celebrating the same success with such special people in one place altogether - truly exquisite. 

Aleksandra Mętlewicz and Mateusz Gaczkowski, as designers of awarded Colline, attended and represented Acustio that night, raising their glasses to each and every person who has made that event so memorable. 

The Night took place in a spectacular Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin and gathered Winners from all over the world. “They have all taken on one of the biggest challenges in the global design world. They have all convinced a great number of international design experts. And finally, they have all won in one of the most recognized design competitions worldwide.”, as we read on the official iF website. Could not not blush when reading that.

iF International Forum Design, thank you one more time for making our name sound this loud.