We made it to Index Dubai 2022 

2 June 2022

Boundless, inspiring, innovative and intense - Index Dubai 2022 in a nutshell.

Three days of May (24-26) our people made Acustio appear on a map of the Leading International Interior and Fit-out Trade Fair. For the 30th time the capital of the Emirate of Dubai became the ultimate epicentre for the quality dense design from all around the world. More than 1 000 exhibitors gathered to showcase the diversity of creation sharing with one another a common denominator - good design.

The delivery of what had been expected was exquisite. From the range of sectors to the service background and organisation. Over 50 000 attendees was welcomed during all three days.

Being a part of Index Dubai undoubtedly marks a special quality, which we are honoured to sustain. Our stand featured some of the staple pieces from Jasper, Heaven Booth, Leaves and Hanging Dividers families. Colline made its official debut.

We would love to take a moment to acknowledge all the guests and hello-sayers. We truly appreciate every moment you took to make Index Dubai 2022 such an extraordinary celebration of design. Hopefully we ourself have made the difference that was felt.