Red Dot Gala 2022  

27 June 2022

The Red Dot Gala was hosted by one and only Professor Dr Peter Zec. “Everyone was excited and tense after two years without a live event. But the many happy faces you could look into that evening showed that it was a more than successful comeback of our award ceremony. I would like to thank all the guests for travelling, some of them very long distances, to be there live again.” We couldn’t agree more with the Founder and CEO of The Red Dot Award.

The program was very abundant and compelling from the very beginning. The evening took off in the Aalto Theatre. The big drawing card there was The Aalto Ballet giving a performance from the piece “Percussion” by Ben Van Cauwenbergh and Armen Hakobyan. It was truly breathtaking.

Then the Red Dot Design Museum happened and it was our personal favourite part. We have had quite a special bond with the Museum since the Best of the Best Award winning in 2020 for our Pillar - it has been displayed there for two years.

The three special exhibitions in the museum were available for all the attendees: “Milestones in Contemporary Design,” “Design on Stage”and the third exhibition, which was specially created by the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year and is entitled “A life of design. Designing for life. – Philips Experience Design.”

We couldn’t have wished for a better culmination of our work. Thank you to the Red Dot Award team for having us and making us feel at home. Always an immense pleasure.