Orgatec 2022 

31 October 2022

Koelnmesse is the world’s top and most prestigious trade fair organiser in the fields of interiors, furnishings, design, home living, garden lifestyle and modern work environments.

A couple of months have passed after we said our goodbyes at Orgatec 2022. This year’s edition was exceptionally successful, no doubt. The 2022 edition of Orgatec hosted 686 exhibiting companies from 43 countries (2018: 749 companies from 39 countries). They included 149 domestic exhibitors (2018: 181 exhibitors) and 533 companies (2018: 568 companies) from outside Germany, with foreign companies accounting for 78 % (2018: 76 %) of total exhibitors. Including estimates for the last day of the fair, ORGATEC 2022 attracted 45,000 visitors from 130 countries.*

The amount of work that needed to be put into making our appearance meet the standards we project with our products was unmatched, but undoubtedly worth it. Each member of our team was involved in the process to make sure our guests are faced with the most memorable and special experience. The 5-day trade was filled with people form all over the world, being fascinated by our solutions and happy having the possibility to meet in real life again. Before that, the last Orgatec was held in 2018, so each and every one of us had 4 long years of doubts, stress and anxiety for the future. Luckily, the industry is emerging from the dark days. Of course still a lot needs to be done and get adjusted to the new reality before we can breathe wholeheartedly again, but the brighter future seems to be on the horizon. Not ignoring any ongoing events and the ever so changing character of our daily lives, we created the main idea of our stand which was focused around agile - the approach to designing any kind of space in a way that enables to get the work into its fruition mode as fast as possible and hassle-free for employees. Responding to change is the main guideline behind agile. We believe flexibility is key, especially now.

Our stand featured a few spheres with different solutions for various needs. The most intriguing rooms at Orgatec 2022 as some said, was the compliment our silent booths were receiving ceaselessly throughout the duration of the fair. The idea of providing the most pleasant experiences has been a top factor when designing our stand, but giving all the visitors a chance to feel the difference and bringing a clear value in the form of silence was really up there too. Two rooms and two completely contrasting acoustic qualities. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback on the enormous contrast between them both that we got from all of our guests. The difference was definitely felt.

Another big hit of our stand, something showcased for the very first time by us, was a set of Lena Lighting lamps. Innovative design, many possibilities of the light’s personalisation, from colour, to dimming levels, and juxtaposition with our panels has the visitors all swooning over the solutions. One of the designs displayed during the fair is going to enrich your spaces soon. Colline x Terrano is entering the market later this year and we couldn’t be prouder of the collaboration.

Thank you to anyone taking the time and spending it on trying some of our solutions at last year’s edition of Orgatec. It was great having you. See you next time.