Must Have 2023

27 May 2023

Nothing gives good design more validation than people who can appreciate it.

We are honoured to have received the must have quality mark for our Colline panels which is a recognizable sign of good design among both Polish and foreign consumers. Must have is a plebiscite organized since 2011 by the Łódź Design Festival, Polish most prestigious design event, which supports creative sector in the most influential way, acknowledging and promoting the best vernacular designers and manufacturers.

Surrounding oneself with people who speak valuable design fluently is what brings us inspiration and motivation to ceaselessly grow. Not only does the must have equal a nice affirmation to our brand, but it also gives us significant renown in our home country.

On May 27, all the winners celebrated their victory in a boat during the official Gala. Each of them was presented with a limited must have statuette designed by the leading Polish ceramics designer Bartek Mejor, produced by Porcelana Krzysztof.

Every design enthusiast is given an opportunity to participate in the Łódź Design Festival, where all the awarded designs are being now showcased (May 18 to 28)

Value. Nothing above that, but still, being appreciated and recognized by the best puts our everyday work in perspective and makes it that much more gratifying.