Location: Wroclaw, Poland / Design studio:Massive Design / Product: Colline / Photographer: Szymon Polański / Year: 2022

June 10 2022 marks the start of the innovative new intertwined with the valuable old. The Global Service Centre of 3M, know as a global powerhouse, whose products improve the daily lives of people around the world, took off. We are thrilled to have been able to support space of the company being led by as clear and noble mission as ours - to make people lives better.

Our Colline panels took over the conference rooms and open space. The walls are covered with panels in both vibrant colours and neutral ones depending on what kind of energy was desired to attain. One of the most innovative feature of Colline, which is its cuttability was happily incorporated into the planning process - rows of outlets didn’t jeopardize the design; Colline made the walls stand out by its unity.

The new, innovative space for our employees is an investment in the further development of the local 3M branch as one of the key players in the Wroclaw labour market. We look forward to further dynamic recruitment of new talent, and thus to broadening the competence portfolio of our teams. Locating all business operations in one building has proven to be the most effective solution in the face of introducing a new, hybrid work model. I hope that the new space will be a new source of motivation, energy and inspiration for our employees, and for future candidates - an additional incentive to join the 3M community - says Vangelis Savvas, Director of 3M Global Service Center Poland.

Located in the largest building in Wroclaw, MidPoint71, the 3M office employs 1600 people. That lot has access to many different areas of the office. We are talking open spaces, conference rooms, outside patio, chillout rooms and many more. MidPoint71 is a building designed in accordance with the BREEAM certification guidelines which support numerous ecological solutions e.g. saving water and energy, waste management and minimising the impact of the building on the environment. We sure support that.

Innovation is the inherent quality of progress. Implementing what’s new guarantees movement that not only forms our future, but also provides us with the feeling of fulfillment. That does not imply that what’s already been accomplished isn’t crucial to sustain. Finding the perfect balance in that scenario is the key factor to healthy advancement

Location: Wroclaw, Poland / Design studio:Massive Design / Product: Colline / Photographer: Szymon Polański / Year: 2022